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  • Barbara Sarshik

Gathering in Real Life

As we imagine returning to our pre-pandemic lives, I think about gathering in real life for Passover Seders. Two years ago, one of my song parodies asked:

I’m feeling grumpy and grouchy.

So tell me please, Dr. Fauci,

Can my friends come for matzah and maror?

Will we be having our Seder?

This year, I hope that we can share matzah and maror in person. We’ll pray and sing together — with song parodies to enliven our Seders, of course! We’ll share chicken soup, open the door for Elijah, and catch up with people we’ve missed.

We’ll welcome new guests — babies, new in-laws, and friends and neighbors who have joined our circles. We’ll enjoy seeing how kids have grown during the last two years. And we’ll feel the painful loss of those who are unable to be with us. Our guest lists will be sweet and bitter, like charoset mixed with bitter herbs.

I look forward to seeing the three toddlers who have recently joined my extended family. But my elderly mom has become too frail to make the trip this year. It won’t be the same without Mom and her brisket.

So, it’s time to get ready for this year’s Seders. As the song goes, we have:

Prayers to be prayed, songs to be sung

Family and friends, the old and the young

Something so Jewish, so Dayenu-ish

Thank God it all turned out alright!

Matzah brei tomorrow, matzah balls tonight!


Get the full lyrics to “Will We Be Having Our Seder?” and “Matzah Ball Tonight” from our Song Index, where you can download PDFs to share. Listen to these songs (and many more) on our page with sample vocal recordings. And new this year, we have instrumental tracks that you can use to accompany your Seder singing — including “Matzah Ball Tonight”!




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