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  • Barbara Sarshik

Our 2022 Haggadah with Song Parodies!

“Welcome to the Seder” is an attractive new Haggadah that blends Seder prayers with eight of our favorite song parodies to create the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Drawn from various sources, with colorful, appealing graphics, it provides an easy way to incorporate our song parodies into your own Seder. Adapted specially for 2022, our Haggadah includes a beautiful reading in support of Ukraine and refugees. Best of all, it’s free, printable, and downloadable!

This new Haggadah was my sister Randi’s brainchild in 2020, when Covid required our extended family to hold our Seders on Zoom. To make sure that everyone could follow the same program, Randi devised a Haggadah that we could each print at home. She was the right person for the job. A talented graphic designer, Randi has created many customized Jewish prayer books for families and congregations. Within days, she had produced a Haggadah filled with amusing Covid jokes and graphics that creatively interspersed our song parodies among traditional Seder prayers.

Randi has updated her Haggadah for 2022, turning it into “Welcome to the Seder.” The Covid jokes are gone — for good, we hope. We’ve included a prayer reflecting on the war in Ukraine, as well as our two newest song parodies, set to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and the kids song “Wheels on the Bus.”

Pro tip: You’ll find instrumental and vocal recordings of several of these song parodies in our Music section. They’ll help you sing at your own Seders.

Happy Passover, and Welcome to the Seder!




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