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  • Barbara Sarshik

Song Parodies for All Generations

Many of us look forward to our Passover Seders as a special opportunity to reconnect with friends and family while enjoying our favorite holiday foods. In the words of one of my new parodies, set to “Obladi Obladah” by the Beatles:

You may start your Seder with gefilte fish.

I start with a bowl of chicken soup.

Either way our Seder will be so delish

Because we’re at the table in a festive group.

After such a long time of isolation due to the pandemic, it’s so wonderful to celebrate with others! And it makes us especially happy when music helps welcome those of different generations or with different tastes.

Another new song parody for 2023/5783, “Mighty Pharaoh,” is set to Taylor Swift’s mega-hit “Anti-Hero” — perfect for any Seder goer who wants to channel their inner pop star. You’ll find both a sample vocal recording and a downloadable instrumental accompaniment track on the website, to help you sing along.

If you have young kids at your Seder, take a look at “Passover Wheels on the Bus.” We had three generations enthusiastically singing it at our Seders last year. And don’t forget “It’s Our Seder,” set to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Some think that there’s no God above

But they still come because they love

The matzah balls, the people, the tradition.

While others think it’s God’s decree

That we recall our slavery

To them, the Seder is a sacred mission.

These two parodies were written just before Passover last year, so they’re still finding their way into Seders everywhere. Be sure to see our Songbook or Song Index for all the songs mentioned here, numbers 72, 73, 74, and 75, as well as our music pages with vocal samples and instrumental tracks. This year we’ve added many new instrumental recordings — and made them all downloadable — for that festive karaoke experience.

Whatever brings you and your loved ones to your Seders this year, I hope they’re joyful, meaningful, fun, and delicious. Chag sameach and happy singing!



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